Pro Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved SY30 Ultra silver style – Pro Predator Helmet
Pro Predator Helmet
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SY30 Pro Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved,ECE MK-Ultra Predator Silver style

SY30 Pro Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved,ECE MK-Ultra Predator Silver style


  • Channel your inner beast as soon as you put on one of our custom made predator motorcycle helmets!
  • These designer helmets are exclusively handcrafted by a talented artist who specializes in the development of unique biker accessories.
  • The full face helmet is carefully handmade out of a strong fiberglass material and equipped with a triple laser beam with a simple on/off switch.
  • Our handmade biker's helmet is incredibly safe as it is both DOT and ECE R22.05 approved.
  • This custom motorcycle helmet is available in multiple sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) in order to provide you with a customized fit.


STARTING TODAY: Replace Your Dull, Boring Helmet With The Predator Helmet & Take Your Riding To The Next Level!

 Are you proud of your amazing motorcycle?

 Would you like a unique helmet that you could also take proud in its amazing appearance?

 Do you need something as cool as your motorbike?

 Bring Style In Your Life With The Amazing Predator Helmet - For Ridings That Cannot Pass Unnoticed!

 Designed by an incredibly talented artist, this airbrushed helmet will definitely exceed your expectation with its outstanding design.

 And the best part? The helmets are customizable, so you can choose the colors that best match your motorcycle!

 No matter which one you prefer, make sure that you will be blown away with its amazing details and vivid design, that resembles perfectly the scary creature of the Predator movie, that this helmet is inspired of.

 It even features the black dreadlocks of the creature! Just wear this helmet in your next riding and make the best impressions with your unparalleled riding style!

Unique Eye-Catching Design Without Sacrificing Quality!

 Ensuring that this lightweight helmet will not just offer you a great style but also the higher safety, it is handmade using strong fiberglass, which stands out for its sturdiness and durability,

On top of that, the vision it provides you with is wide and clear for a safe and pleasant ride.

 Exceeding the DOT and ECE safety standards, rest assured that with this helmet you will stay safe and sound!

 Are You Still Using Your Boring Helmet? Now You Can Ride With Fun, Style, Comfort & Safety!

 Don’t Compromise With Nothing Less Than That - Place Your Order Today!

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