Custom Handmade Predator Motorcycle Dot Approved Helmet Sy29 – Pro Predator Helmet
Pro Predator Helmet
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SY29 New Berserker Custom Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved,ECE

SY29 New Berserker Custom Predator Motorcycle Helmet Dot Approved,ECE


  • Channel your inner beast as soon as you put on one of our custom made predator motorcycle helmets!
  • These designer helmets are exclusively handcrafted by a talented artist who specializes in the development of unique biker accessories.
  • The full face helmet is carefully handmade out of a strong fiberglass material and equipped with a triple laser beam with a simple on/off switch.
  • Our handmade biker's helmet is incredibly safe as it is both DOT and ECE R22.05 approved.
  • This custom motorcycle helmet is available in multiple sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) in order to provide you with a customized fit.

  Are you ready to take your riding style to the next level?

 This Custom Made Pro Predator Motorcycle Helmet is designed to give bikers a unique way to show off their fierce one-of-a-kind personality as they weave in and out of traffic. Whether you ride a speed bike, a dirk bike or a decked out chopper, this fashion helmet is bound to instantly take your riding style from boring to extraordinary!


 100% Handmade out of a STRONG FIBERGLASS, this heavy duty motorcycle helmet is built to keep you safe while on the road. The visor is POLARIZED, outfitted with a TRIPLE LASER BEAM super clear vision and can be change visor for unmatched comfort and safe rides. Contoured design for optimized air flow. The chin strap is ADJUSTABLE and locks into place when you're ready to ride. To give the helmet the look of the creature featured in the famous movie The Predator, the top has a number of BLACK NYLON DREADLOCKS securely attached to it. For your convenience, the interior padding can be removed and washed to keep it clean between rides.


Place your purchase with confidence knowing that our talented artist makes each and every helmet carefully by hand in order to ensure the utmost quality.

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