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Matt Black standard Predator Helmet

Matt Black standard Predator Helmet Available Now!!!

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bmw Helmet motorcycle rider

BMW You can always count on the designers at Lego to provide a dose of "what if" when presented with an idea, so when Lego Technic's team produced a snap-together model of a flying BMW motorcycle, the Bavarians were so inspired that they, in turn, built a full-size version of the concept. So we have a case of life imitating art, which is imagining a future version of life. The Lego designers sought to create something fresh, using only the pieces of the kit for making a Lego BMW R 1200 GS Adventure bike. BMW Lego Technic likes to offer...

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Ducati to launch five new motorcycles in India this year

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Ducati India has plans to launch as many as five new models in the country in the current calendar year. Company achieves 1000 unit sales milestone in India. Ducati India has announced that it is all set to launch as many as five new motorcycles in the country in the current calendar year. Besides this, the brand also announced that it has achieved the sales of 1000 units in the country. While the exact launch details are under wraps at the moment, we expect that the company will bring in motorcycles in different categories to match the needs of the...

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Custom Made Predator Motorcycle Helmet by Pro Predator Helmet

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Are you ready to take your riding style to the next level?   This Custom Made Predator Motorcycle Helmet is designed to give bikers a unique way to show off their fierce one-of-a-kind personality as they weave in and out of traffic. Whether you ride a speed bike, a dirk bike or a decked out chopper, this fashion helmet is bound to instantly take your riding style from boring to extraordinary!    100% Handmade out of a STRONG FIBERGLASS, this heavy duty motorcycle helmet is built to keep you safe while on the road. The visor is POLARIZED, outfitted with...

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Predator in Wat Tham Sua (Tiger Cave Temple)

“Wat Tham Sua” – One of Kanchanaburi attractions that you cannot miss to add this place to your Thailand Travel plan.  When arriving here, you guys have to go up the more hundred stairs. So, if you do not fit, you can choose the cable service to go up. For me, I went upstairs for sightseeing around the temple. It’s so beautiful.

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